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Spa Products:

Developing New Products
Spa Consultants is a One Stop for all your Spa Requirements. If you are looking for Spa Products, we can supply you Spa Products as per your requirements.

Spa Consultants also specialize in Custom made products under your Private label (Under your Spa Brand name). We can even develop an entire range or suitable products required for Retail Boutiques in your Spa.

Apart from this we are experienced in developing & designing customized Professional Products (only to be used in the Treatments & not to be retailed). We can develop & manufacture these products for you.

Our Own Products
Spa Consultants has developed certain products which are available for direct purchase from us. These products are available only for Professional usage at present.

These products include:

  • Almond Keshar Scrub
  • Cellulite Body Scrub
  • Sandalwood Facial Pack
  • Vata Mask
  • Pitta Mask
  • Kapha Mask
  • 22 Herb Clay
  • Anti Acne Facial Packs
  • Pigmentation Facial Packs
  • Hydrating Facial Packs
  • Firming Facial Packs
  • Cellulite Body Pack
Cellulite Body Wrap
  • Firming Body Wrap
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Rose Water
  • Bath Salts
  • Under Eye Treatments
  • Foot Spa Treatments
  • Hand Spa Treatments
  • Algae Wraps
  • Massage Oils
  • Shirodhara Oils
  • Various Ayurvedic Herbs
  • Spa Equipments:
    Spa Consultants specializes in various Spa Equipments which can be either sourced from Spa Consultants or through their associates.

    The Spa equipments which Spa Consultants can supply you are as follows:

    • Massage Beds : Wooden with adjustable heights, Portable (Folding) & Heavy Duty with Storage options
    • Ayurvedic Massage Beds (Droni): Single piece wooden or with single Joint in different wood options
    • Steam: Indian as well as Imported
    • Sauna: Indian as well as Imported
    • Whirlpools (Commonly known as Jaccuzi): We can supply all different varieties of Whirlpools from single sitter to 5 to6 sitter models. We can supply Indian, as well as Imported models as per your needs
    • Shirodhara Stands
    • Shirodhara Pots ( Both Copper as well Bronze & also Clay)
    • Steam Boxes ( Ayurvedic – Sitting as well Lying models)
    • Hamams
    • Vichy Showers
    • Various Showers & Shower Panels
    • Pedistations
    • Manicure Stations
    • Salon Chairs
    • Shampoo Stations
    • Salon Equipments
    • Anything other equipments required can also be supplied
    • We also supply Spa Accessories like Wooden Bowls, Wooden Spatulas etc

    Spa Accessories:
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