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Spa Development:

Developing a New Spa:
  • Market Research
  • Business Plan
  • Concept has to be developed

Design & Concept:

  • A unique environment that the client will visit again & again is our objective.
  • Identifying your potential clientele & what will bring them to you is very important.
  • Our entire team works to understand & identify your objectives & to bring your vision to life.

Interior design:
We can assist you with the following issues:

  • Identifying the number, type & size of Rooms in your facility
  • Identifying the need for other services like hair, nail etc, if required.
  • Assisting Design Treatment Rooms, Storage areas, etc. to maximize use of space & assure every detail from plumbing needs to electrical, lighting etc. is addressed.
  • Assisting Architects, designers & space planners in design process & Contractors in the construction portion to assure the design is efficient.

Our Services Include:

  • Preparing Spa Menu
  • Preparing Salon menu
  • Preparing Spa & Salon Packages
  • Preparing Membership Plans
  • Preparing Costing sheets for the Spa Treatments selected in the Menu

Operational Manual of the Spa:
Spa is a specialized activity & hence Operational Manual has to be prepared to standardize the operations & also to provide a guideline for operations of the Spa.

Sourcing Equipments:
Our Services Include:

  • Selection of Equipment based on Good Better & Best Concept.
  • Some of the equipments to be sourced can be Whirlpools (Commonly known as Jacuzzi), Steam Baths, Sauna, Massage Beds, Trolleys, Pedicure Stations, Hair Stations, Shampoo Stations, accessories like Oil Bowls, spatulas, Foot wash Bowls etc.
  • Recommendation of Equipment vendors based on quality & service.
  • Providing input of furniture selections throughout the environment for Durability etc.

Installation & Commissioning of Equipment:
Get the Spa Equipment installed & Commissioned from the agency & made ready to use.

Our Services Include:

  • Getting the equipments installed in time
  • Commissioning and checking of equipments

Sourcing Staff:
Sourcing and recommending the best staff either from India or from overseas as per the requirements of the Spa.

Induction of Staff:
Complete the Induction of Spa Staff after they are employed by the Employer.

Our Services include:

  • Arranging Induction program for the staff
  • Explaining the Job responsibilities to the staff members
  • Conducting the Induction program based on the Spa Operations Manual

Training of Staff:
Various staff members though may have worked in different Spa’s still have to undergo training program to make them understand the special flavour of your Spa.

Each staff member should be made aware of the concept of the Spa, the various services offered by the Spa, giving product knowledge to all the staff members etc. All this training is very important to provide a special experience to your guests at the spa. We arrange & complete training of the Staff through specific agencies conducting training programs for the Spa Staff.

Support for Marketing / promotion:
Provide Technical information of the Spa required for the Marketing & Promotional activities

Our Services include:

  • Providing a write up of the Spa for inclusion in the promotional material of the property.
  • Providing write up for the Media
  • Providing Information for the website
  • Providing technical inputs for the Brochure & other printed promotional material
  • Providing technical inputs for preparing the Spa Treatment information write up
  • Providing initial marketing ideas for the Spa promotion

Sourcing of Products to be used in the Spa:
Each Spa uses special products that make the Spa Experience a very special experience for guests. The products being used for the treatments play a vital role in creating this experience. Products have to be selected based on Treatment menu designed & also Treatment Ritual designed for each treatment.

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